Pristine Rainforest

One and Only Low Altitude Pristine Rainforest in Taiwan
Indulge in nature with the Great Roots Resort, breath in and release all your stress. In our rainforest park, there are different kinds of stunning buttress root plants, giant vines, and forest as high as the clouds. It is a gem in the Sanxia area waiting for you to discover.
The amazing view of the rainforest that you can see today took more than 10 years of hard work caring for the environment and we appreciate your interest in nature. Love the nature and save the earth for our offspring with the Great Roots Resort.
★The miracle of life – the Great Roots
In the Great Roots Rainforest Park, we have large buttress roots forest consists of mountain figs, Plantae and more. Therefore, our park is also known as “the king of buttress roots”. We are the one and only primeval buttress roots forest at the national level, more than 6 hundreds varieties of plants and thousands of insects living in this area. A perfect place for phytology research and also great for family getaways. Fireflies also visit our forest during March to November, come and see if you can find them.
★Care for nature and care for our health
Do you ever know why we feel calm and relaxing while walking in the forest? The secret is phytoncide, a substance emitted by plants and trees which were also known as the aroma of the forest. Phytoncide can kill the bacteria in the air which is beneficial for human beings’ breathing system.
With the rainforest tour, you are able to you will able to stretch your muscles, clear your breathing system by inhaling the phytoncide and feel a little bit healthier with the immersion of anions. The oxygen level in our park can reach up to 20,000 ppm. Care for your body by treating yourself a healthy forest spa experience in the Great Roots Resort.

★Rainforest Park Tour

  • Opening hour: 08:00 to 17:00
  • Ticket price for adult is NT$250 (Height 140 centimeters and above)
  • Ticket price for student is NT$200 (Identification required)
  • Special offer for children, elder people and disables, discounted ticket price is NT$150 (Identification required)
    -20% off for group guest (30 people or above).
    -Elders must be age 65 or above. Height restriction for children is 110 to 140 centimeters.
★Preferential programs →Day Trip to the Great Roots
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