Western Dining Package in the Crown Prince restaurant

Weekday: Now only NT$950 per guest (original priceNT$1,448)
Weekend: Now only NT$1,250 per guest (original price NT$1,668)
Package detail
●Rainforest park ticket ●Outdoor hot spring spa ●Crown Prince restaurant meal
-Western set meal for weekdays (NT$680 plus 10% service charge)
-Great roots buffet for weekends (NT$880 plus 10% service charge) and there are 2 dining period: 11:00 or 12:30
-You are able to change outdoor hot spring to decoupage DIY or with an additional charge of NT$100 to an afternoon tea meal set.
-Places are limited for afternoon tea and DIY session, please book in advance to ensure availability.

Suggested Schedule for this package
Arrive at the Great Roots Resort in the morning
【Relax in Nature】09:30~11:30
Explore the one and only pristine rainforest in Taiwan and indulge in the spa of phytoncide to deep cleanse your body and mind.
【Western dining in the Crown Prince restaurant】11:30~14:00
Enjoy the western dining freshly made by our chef.
※Great Roots buffet for weekends, Western set menu for weekdays.
【Outdoor Hot Spring SPA】14:30~17:00
Enjoy our Beauty SPA. The spring water here is the premium Sodium Bicarbonate Salt spring that has no color and no smell which is very good for treating digestive disorders and nervous system diseases.
※1 out of 3 options for holidays: Outdoor hot spring spa/ decoupage DIY/ afternoon tea set (NT$100 additional charge)
【Return Home】17:00~18:00
Say goodbye to the lovely nature and look forward to the next visit!



  • The price is valid until June 30,2023.
  • This package is only suitable for groups over 30 people (Driver and guide not included).
  • Above price includes 5% tax
  • Check here for weekdays/weekends & holidays list in the Great Roots Resort
    →2023 holidays list
  • Each package should be 10 people per table, an additional charge will be added on for extra guests.
  • 30% deposit is needed for this package (Based on legal contract), residual balance should be paid on the check-in day.
  • We also provide tour guide service in our rainforest park for this package (NT$2,000 or under per guest, under 40 guests).
  • Fireworks and stereo system are not allowed in the resort.
  • Please wear swimsuits, swimming cap and bring towels to the outdoor hot spring spa.
  • Please call our phone line if you need transportation service.
  • Other special offers should not use with this package. The above rates are subject to change, there will be no further notice and shall follow the existing offer of the resort.
  • Parking fare is NT$50 per hour per vehicle on weekend.
  • Additional electricity charge might be added on if equipment requires high power electricity is used.



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