Outdoor Hot Spring SPA

Hot spring is the ancient secret to beautiful skin. Our beauty SPA has the superior quality that exceeds the national hot spring standard in both Taiwan and Japan.
There is no better way to restart you with a hot spring spa in nature. Experience all kinds of hot spring facilities we have in our resort and you will feel rejuvenated after your stay here.


★Weekdays: NT$550 (Adult) / NT$350 (Child)
★NT$450 (Adult) / NT$300 (Child)
Hot Spring
The new landmark of Sanxia - the Beauty SPA in the Great Roots Resort
With the help of international hot spring exploration team and the most inventive machines from Japan, we are able to find the purest spring well 1530 meters under the ground after 8 months of hard work.
Our spring water was tested by the Japanese hot spring inspection as the best in Taiwan. The spring water here is the premium Sodium Bicarbonate Salt spring that has no color and no smell which is very good for treating digestive disorders and nervous system diseases. It is also known as the Beauty spa as your skin will feel delicately soft and whitened after bathing in our spring water.
As it is a privately owned deep well hot spring, the quality of the spring water, temperature, volume and spa facilities are under strict control.
  • Hot spring composition: Natural Sodium Bicarbonate Salt Springs (Known as the Beauty Bath)
  • Instruction:Bathing / immersion
  • Hot spring PH scale: Weak base / PH scale of 8.4
  • Main functions:Release the pain of neuralgia / muscle pain / arthralgia / frozen shoulder / nerve palsy / sprain / silt bruises / joint stiffness / chronic digestive diseases / iciness / illness recovery / fatigue / health promotion / cuts / burns

★Preferential programs →Day Trip to the Great Roots

  • Opening hour:08:00 to 23:00
  • Please enter the outdoor hot spring area no later than 22:30.
  • Holidays include Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays.
  • Please dress appropriately to use the SPA. Swimsuits and swimming cap are required. Please also bring along your own towels or purchase at our front desk.
  • Special offer for group guest (30 people or above).
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