Hot Spring Room

Getaway in nature, visit the Great Roots Resort for the best hot spring spa experience. Other than public hot spring bath we also have elegantly decorated private rooms for you and your partner to enjoy hot spring in your own privacy. Perfect for couples and small family
  • 雙泉湯屋

  • 方池湯屋

  • VIP湯屋

  • 板根湯屋

  • 觀景湯屋

  • 觀景湯屋


17 individual suites with different kinds of interior designs pick the one which matches your needs and let the hot spring ease your tress in your own privacy.
Hot spring test report

Independent hot spring suites with high privacy and window view of Japanese garden decoration surrounded by the mountain views. Enjoy the moment.
●Square pool hot spring suite: NT$1,200 per room
●Dual hot springs suite:NT$1,200 per room

Premium hot spring suites with a spacious resting area and window view of nature.
●Great Roots hot spring suite: NT$1,800 per room
●VIP hot spring suite:NT$1,800 per room
●Premium scenic hot spring suite:NT$2,500 per room

Provide supplies
● large towel ● towel
● bottled water ● shower cap
● cotton swab ● comb
● shower gel ● shampoo
● hair dryer

※Additional guest (only 1 extra guest per suite)
-For suite priced NT$1,200, extra charge for an adult is NT$400 and NT$200 for a child.
-For suites priced NT$1,800 and NT$2,500, the extra charge for an adult will be NT$500 and NT$250 for a child.
*Height limitation of the child: 110 to 140 centimeters

  • Opening hour:08:00 to 23:00
  • Special offer for hotel room guest: 40% off on weekdays and 20% off for weekends
  • Holidays include Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays.
  • Each suite accommodates 2 guests.(1 person can not use)
  • Duration: 90 minutes per session for VIP/ Great Roots & Premium scenic suites, 60 minutes per session for other suites
  • 10% off discount for guests visit on weekdays.
    ※Please reserve the suite at our front desk.
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