Newest Video Games

For hotel guests only, Share with your family and friends enjoy the good time


Services Time:
●Everyday 09:00 to 22:00

●If you need to play Please contact the service center
●Reserve for the hotel room guests only
★Nintendo Switch Super Mario
Super Mario Racing with 55 inch screen, can playing with 4 people at the same time, have fun with your friends play together.

★PlayStation 4 sports car romantic tour
The sports car romantic travel series is the first PS4 new work, real driving simulation, and cooperation with the International Automobile Federation (FIA) with hundreds of years of racing event planning experience. In the game, players will drive the fastest and most popular cars on the famous tracks around the world and sprint together.y

★XBOX360《Kinect Sports Games》
It offers six groups and individual sports competitions: football, beach volleyball, bowling, billiards, Sport of Athletics and boxing, sports, bowling, football or athletics. The player himself is an athlete, simple, intuitive, immediate and full of fun. In the game, you can play 2 people cooperation mode, together with friends and family to challenge various sports.
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