Sanxia precinct police department reminded the public, beware of pickpockets !

Please keep your belongings in sight.
As the statistic from New Taipei government shows, pickpocket events mostly occurs in the area with crowds, such as train stations, piers, malls, night markets, clubs, parks, movie theaters, markets, and on public transportation. Please beware of pocket-pickers when getting on and off from public transportations and keep your belongings right beside you. Please call 110 if you encounter similar events.
Bear in mind that using 3C devices increase the change of pickpocket events as you are paying 100% attention to your belongings.

To avoid such event, we suggest you…
1.Keep your money inside your bag or pockets.
2.Keep your belongings right beside you.
3.Remember to keep your purse with you at any time.

Sanxia precinct New Taipei City Police Department care about you.



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