Dabangan Spring Beauty Skincare Products

Wish you can have the same beauty spa joy at home? Try out the Spring Beauty skincare products that are made with the extract of spring water in Dabangan which purify and brighten up your skin.

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Sinter Facial Cleanser 120ml NT$500
Sinter facial cleanser is formulated to provide a deep but gentle wash, leaving skin comfortably conditioned and velvety smooth. Your skin will still be hydrated after washing your face with the cleanser.

Sinter Hydrating Lotion 120ml NT$880
Sinter hydrating lotion is a face toner that can brighten and hydrate skin at the same time as well as stable the skin. After a few uses, pores will be tightened and help with discoloration. Use it alone or use it with cotton pads as a hydrating mask.

Sinter Hydrating Sleeping Mask 100ml NT$850
The sinter hydrating sleeping mask is a perfect helper for those who have no time for skincare. Sleep with the mask on and your skin will feel hydrated in the next morning with a glow.

Sinter Skin Precision Mask 6 pieces per box (22ml per piece) NT$600
Sinter skin precision mask is made with hot spring extract, a high concentration of matrix, acety, hyaluronic acid and apple extracts which help with the dryness and dullness of skin.

Sinter Skin White Mask 6 pieces per box (22ml per piece) NT$600
Sinter skin whitening mask is made with hot spring extract, natural high-purity tranexamic acid, l-ascorbic acid, arbutin, cherry blossom extract, and natural seaweed which help to improve the discoloration of the skin while leaving it hydrated and brightened.



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