Pet Friendly Room

What do you want to do when you want to travel but worry about pets? Dabangan introduces a new pet friendly room, so you can take your pet baby together, walk freely in the mountains, breathe the forest naturally, and enjoy the pet-specific space in the bedroom. Intimate care about your feelings with your pet baby!
  • 雅緻寵物套房510
  • 雅緻寵物套房510
  • 芬多精寵物房
  • 芬多精寵物房
  • 雅緻寵物套房611
  • 雅緻寵物套房611
  • 雅緻寵物套房611


Check-in Time:15:00
Check-out Time:11:00
☎️ Reservation hot line :+886-2-2674-9228


Room equipment

  • LED TV.
  • Personal bathroom cleaning products, hair dryer, towels, bath towels, indoor slippers.
  • Electric water kettle, free mineral water, free coffee and tea bags.
  • Telephone, electronic safe box.
  • Automatic air conditioning temperature control device, refrigerator.
  • Hotel Introduction manual, Room key.
  • Adapter plug (110V), please contact the counter if you need.
  • Free wireless internet service.
  • Free parking for one only.
  • A set of pet basins and food bowls.
    ※ This room type is a shower-style bathroom with no bathtub.

Room type introduction

    ★Phytoncide Pet room NT$8,000+10%
  • Bed type: 2 small beds and 1 Tatami.
  • Area: about 40 square meters.
  • Location: Forest trail the first round.
    ★Deluxe Suite Pet room NT$12,000+10%
  • Bed type: 1 King size bed and 1 Tatami.
  • Area: about 76 square meters.
  • Location: Near Scenic Hall.


  • The price is starting from July 1, 2018.
  • Due to the limited number of pet rooms, please make an appointment in advance.
  • Carry your cats or dogs, you may bring your own pet food. There are two pets per room. For the third (inclusive) or above, you may must need to pay a cleaning fee of NTD 500 per each pat, and a maximum of four pets per room.
  • Pets can only be accommodated in the Phytoncide Pet Room and the Deluxe Suite Pet room. No pets are allowed in other room types, and no pets are available overnight.
  • Check in pet room:
    Dogs offer one each: dog bones or dog snacks (cannot be specified).
    Cat offers each: a pack of cat snacks.
  • Large dogs need to wear a mask in the resort area.
  • Pets can only be accessed in pet rooms and forest areas in the park. If the pets need to pass through the indoor area, please use the pet basket or pet stroller. The pet owner is responsible for keeping the stolen goods quiet, if your pet continues to make noise, harassment or attack. Other guests or hotel worker, showing aggressive behavior, hotel has to ask the pet to leave immediately.
  • The above rates include admission to the forest, outdoor open spa, a Chinese and Western buffet breakfast or an American breakfast.
  • 30% discount on weekdays / 20% discount on busy day / holiday original price (all price will plus 10% service charge).
  • For the definition of accommodation in weekdays/busy day/Holiday, please see

         →2024 holidays list

  • Accommodation time: after 3 p.m. ; check-out time: before 11 a.m.
  • The above prices are subject to change without prior notice and are subject to the current quotation of the company.
  • After the reservation is made and the reservation is confirmed, no refund will be given on the same day.
  • There are no hot spring facilities in all other types of rooms except the " Deluxe Spa Suite" and "Ban-Gan Club House".
  • Children need to occupy a bed when the height is above 110cm.
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