Great Roots Bakery

Our coffee, bread, and cakes are all made with warmth and love. We care for the health of our guest, therefore we use fresh local ingredients for our pastries and bread.


The Great Roots resort is keen on enhancing our product quality and variety and we hope to impress you with our premium services and products.
★Themed cakes
We have themed cake for specific holidays, such as Mother’s day, Father’s day, Halloween and Christmas.
A French cake made with layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, covered with cream. This cake is a perfect mix of cream and coffee and a great option for coffee lovers.
★Parmesan Cheese
Parmesan cheesecake is rich of flavors and smooth at the texture, delicate, light and fluffy. It is a cake worth tasting.
★Customized pastries
We are able to customize cakes and pastries upon your request.
★Black Cherry Pie
Dutch style cream cheese pie with a crispy crust layered with fresh brandied black cherries. It tastes just like a splash of summer and sun.
You can also find our baked goods in the following locations:

Great Roots Cafe-
After your SPA at the hot spring area, we suggest you come to the Great Roots café for a cup of coffee and our freshly made pastries. Warms up your body and heart.。

Crown Princess Restaurant-
During every weekend, you can find our baked goods in the dessert area of the Crown Princess restaurant.

Scenic Cafe-
In the Scenic Café, take your time and enjoy our coffee and cake with the amazing view of the mountains surrounding our resort. Cherish the moment.
☎️ Please order via our phone line:02-2674-9228 (Please dial 1)
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