On the outskirt of New Taipei City, The Great Roots Resort offers the best view of Sanshia. We are famous of our location that numerous enterprises and even the Royals settled here where they can enjoy the fabulous view of nature. In 1922, during the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan, our location was owned by Dabao tea factory which is the largest tea factory in Southeast Asia by that time, ran by the Mitsui Enterprise producing the most well-known Nittoh-tea. This location was also used as the Prince’s palace during Japan’s Showa era. In 1945, after the Second World War, even the Taiwan Tea Corporation, Haishan Park and Happy Excursion Forest Park settled here, and now The Great Roots Resort is here to provide the best residence in this area.

The area of our resort is approximately 17 hectares, and we are the only remaining low altitude (300 meters above sea level) pristine subtropical rainforest in Taiwan. With more than 600 kinds of plants, thousands of species of insects, especially buttress root plants, giant vines and rare birds, we are the confident to say the The Great Roots Resort is best place for nature observation and the most research worthy wildlife to visit.

With the help of international hot spring expert team and a Japanese mining company, we were able to find the uncontaminated sodium bicarbonate spring water 1530 meters under the park. The spring water here was strictly examined by Japan’s National certification and it is proved that every liter of the spring water here contains 1918 milligrams of micronutrients and minerals which is double the amount of Japan’s national hot spring standard and about 4 times the amount of Taiwan hot spring standard, making it the best.

Immerse yourself in our hot spring, the spring water helps you to beautify and brighten your skin as well as activate your skin cells. It also helps with digestion and nervous system problems, symptoms of these sickness gets better when you visit the hot spring continuously. Our hot spring is called the “Beauty Spa” due to its excellent quality and benefits.

The Great Roots Resort was built with and around nature and we believe the park is full of life and art. The most precious thing is to experience here in our resort is that you can witness how miracle life can be and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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