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Rock climbing is not only a kind of sport but also a lifestyle.
Experience rock climbing with us in the Great Roots Resort.

Reservation must be 30 people and above. Each activity cost around NT $600 or more.

Explore the nature and learn about your body
Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Through rock climbing, you are able to test your strength, endurance, agility, and balance.
Rock climbing in the forest
The one and only forest rock climbing in Taiwan. Our outdoor rock climbing field is built with the surface feels just like the rocks from our nature and height around 10.3 meters. With rock climbing in the forest, you are able to inhale a higher amount of oxygen which can help you with enhancing the performance of your immune system.
High Multi-line traverse
Height 12meters,length 15 meters.
With our high multi-line traverse, you are able to challenge yourself in different kinds of aspects. The dangling ropes can be of various lengths and spacing to alter the challenge.
High Single-plank bridge
Height 10 meters, length 10 meters.
Experience the challenge of height, face your fear and feel each step of success. Invite your friends, families, and colleagues to challenge with you.